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Wheatgrass Juice: Natural Healthy Detox Juices with Wheatgrass & Aloe Vera Juice. The very Best Quality Organic Flash Frozen 100% Natural Wheatgrass Juice, grown on our ranch in Andalusia, Spain.

Yoga & Fitness Holiday Special

Fitness & Fun in the Sun Holiday Specials. Get healthy, Stay healthy! Lose weight, feel great!

Seven day Yoga & basic Fitness & Fun Holiday Special from the 20th to 27th February 2016 at Rancho Rustico Spain in the heart of the Andalusian Country Side on the Sunny Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain.

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How can our Super-juices help in the fight against Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Premature Ageing and other common & less common Diseases?

The answer is simple! These Superfood Juices are packed with practically every known mineral, very high amounts of essential amino acids, chlorophyll, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants which greatly assist in keeping our most important defence system against Disease in good order. Yes, the most important first line of defence in the human body against disease is unquestionably the Immune System!

We at Absolute Juice invite you to peruse our site and search the internet for words such as Wheatgrass & Aloe Vera in conjunction with key words such as Cancer, Diabetes, Anti Ageing, Health Benefits & Nutritional facts, etc. The information you will find must surely convince the most ardent of health food critics of the incredible health benefits of a daily shot of our 100% naturally grown flash frozen Wheatgrass, Aloe Vera Juices and our new Super Antioxidant Mega Healthy Detox Juices.

Our claims are simple: We produce the very best quality Wheatgass, Aloe Vera & Super Antioxidant, Detox Juices ON PLANET EARTH!

Grown in Southern Spain using 100% Natural organic soil, reconstituted Coconut husks, and the Natural Spring Water of our Andalusian Ranch, coupled with the Clean Air and Abundant Sunshine, we produce the very best 100% Natural, Organic, Wheatgrass & Aloe Vera Juice in the World!

Once harvested our Wheatgrass & Aloe Vera is Cut, Cleaned, Juiced, Packaged and flash Frozen almost immediately using our state of the art Bonnet Blast Freezer ensuring that practically all of the important nutrients are fully preserved. Its the most Nutritious Juice on Earth!


Unlike Wheatgrass Powders & Pills & Bottled Aloe Vera juice which are practically worthless; almost none of the Essential Natural Goodness, Vitamins & Minerals are lost in our freshly squeezed Juices due to our state of the art Blast Freezing process!

Absolutely nothing is added to our juices!

Absolutely no concentrates, additives or preservatives of any kind!

Whats on the label is what you get! Absolute 100% Natural Juice!

100% Natural Flash Frozen Whole Fruit Smoothies! Great for the Children & the perfect way to start your day.
Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat, Ojen Monda, Malaga, Spain
Oxidation of food is a destructive process, causing loss of nutritional value and changes in chemical composition. Cut open or peal an apple or potato, thus exposing the inner flesh to oxygen, and the oxidation process begins. This oxidation process affects all fruits & vegetables in the same way. All Juices that you find in supermarkets & food stores packaged in cartons or bottles have already lost an enormous amount of their original natural goodness, vitamins and minerals. And all of these juices contain some form of stabilizers, additives or preservatives even though the manufacturers say they don’t! We at Absolute Juice are passionate about providing our customers with juices packed full of natural goodness, vitamins and minerals. We achieve this by either Hermetically Sealing our Juices in glass bottles or by Flash Freezing within minutes of our juices being extracted from the fruits, grasses and vegetables.
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Absolute Juice products are manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP standards.